Quick Fold Step
Light weight and folding away to a compact size, makes these very solid stable steps the perfect addition to your camp site set up.
Features include non-slip grip tape on tread surface, ideal for wet weather. Glow in the dark tread ensures safe foot placement in the dark of the night.
-5 Swag Bag Hero
Flannel lined to ensure you are warm and comfortable when out camping.
Quick Fold Stretcher
Head to bed for a relaxing sleep on the new quick-fold stretcher. Literally folds out in 2 seconds, this is the quickest fold out stretcher on the market and will easily accommodate your Swag Bag sleeping bag.
ECO Pressure Shower
The Ironman 4x4 Eco Pressure Shower isn’t your typical camp shower. There is no electricity needed, no need to hang it overhead and it provides good pressure.
First Aid Kit
You never know when you will need easy access to a first aid kit either off-road or on-road.
50L Cargo Bag
A Handy, large, heavy duty bag, useful for any outdoor activity. With a water resistant coating you can throw in all those wet or muddy clothes & shoes keeping them safely stowed until you hit home or a camping ground with a laundry!
Explorer Duffle Bag
Built tough enough to throw on the roof rack or in the back of the ute, but stylish enough to take to the 5 star hotel. Built with travel in mind, it is light and compact, but strong as an Ox.
Roof Tent Bag
This handy bag is ideal for keeping your belongings off the ground and easily accessible. Attaching via sail track, the hanging tent bag is ideal for use on roof top tents, awnings or anywhere a sail track is available.
Universal Seat Cover
Generic image only. Actual product may vary depending on model.
It is easy to get dirty whilst out on the track, so protect your seats with these easy to slip on, universal seat covers.
Rear Wheel Bag
Designed with versatility and maximum storage capacity in mind, the Ironman 4x4 Multi-purpose Rear Wheel Bag is the perfect accessory for any tourer or 4WDer wanting that extra storage carrying ability for rubbish, wet clothing, recovery gear, etc.
Hand Wash - Green and Mean 500ml
All Australian made, the Ironman 4x4 hand cleaner works to remove dirt, grease and oil as well as regular hand cleaning.

With soft silica particles providing some grit in the cleaner, it easily removes ground-in filth and dirt on the skin.
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