Water Tanks

Water in the outback is liquid gold, so set up your vehicle with an Ironman 4x4 Water Tank.

Built tough from food grade UV Stabilised Polyethylene ensures you can enjoy clean, taste free water.

7 different shapes and sizes, offer various carrying solutions depending on your four wheel drive, camper trailer, or caravans requirements.

Complimenting this range is the Ironman 4x4 Water Hose Kit. A high quality 1.5m long clear water hose, complete with tap.

15L Undertray Water Tank
345 x 255 x 305mm
20L Jerry Can
350 x 170 x 460mm
465 x 340 x 335mm
40L Double Jerry Can
465 x 340 x 335mm
40L Vertical Water Tank
1100 x 75 x 700mm
Includes height of screw cap.
50L Roof Rack Water Tank
1200 x 600 x 120mm
Includes height of screw cap
50L Wheel Arch Water Tank
1215 x 120 x 590mm
Includes heigh of screw cap
50L Tapered Water Tank
1050 x 200 x 390mm
Includes height of screw cap
60L Water Tank
845 x 360 x 270mm
Includes height of screw cap
Water Hose Kit
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