Ironman 4x4 offer a ide range of 12V fridges and accessories to suit the whole family. 

Looking for a fridge slide? Whether it's a straight slide or a drop down fridge slide, we've got you covered.

Check out the range below...

Wireless Thermometer
30L IceCube Fridge/Freezer
This 30 litre model will hold 42, 375ml cans. Height 380mm
Width 340mm
Length 590mm (650mm with handles)
40L IceCube Frdige
50L IceCube Fridge/Freezer
This 50 litre model will hold 72, 375ml cans. Height520mm
Length590mm (650mm with handles)
65L Hero_50
74L Hero_50
30-50L Fridge slide
65-74L fridge slide
Drop Down Fridge Slide
Drop Down Side Fridge Slide
Fridge Stand
Fridge Strap
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