Air Champ Smart Deplator w/ Gauge
The Air Champ Smart Deflator has an additional dual psi/kpi gauge for fast tyre deflation with greater accuracy by removing and containing the tyre valve. ITYRE005
Air Champ Pressure Gauge
Large, easy to read pressure gauge with single PSI increments. ITYRE006
Air Champ Dual Inflator
Air Champ Duel Inflator With Pressure Gauge allows you to simultaneously inflate two tires. ITYRE007
Air Champ Compact Deflator
The Air Champ Compact deflator has been developed for fast tyre deflation by removing and containing the tyre valve. ITYRE004
160L Air Compressor
72L Air Compressor
Speedy Tyre Deflator
Tyre Gauge
Tyre Repair Kit
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